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An island kitchen completely made of Gres

The kitchen with island in Gres is provided with unit doors and front tops finished in Via Tornabuoni Gres.

The front has been built based on the D90 concept and the rear on the T45 concept. The worktop is in Gres and is bundled with a sink. On top of it, four burners are placed, together with a kitchen hood and a control turret; both of them are vertically foldaway.

The island is also provided with a 6 cm thick snack top made of walnut.

The columns, provided with foldaway unit door based on the D90 concpetwith inner handle, recall the color palette of the islandIn the central area, an equipped column with top and rear of inox steel can be found.

Designed by: Arch. Domenico De Palo

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