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Optimized spaces in the kitchen designed by Nicola Gallizia for an apartment in Citylife residence, Milan

Inside the innovative residential complex designed by Zaha Hadid, a linear kitchen developed on two sides with an overhanging table: on one side the work area, on the other the one dedicated to conviviality.

The work area is composed of bases and wall units designed on the K6 concept: a TM Italia model the doors of which are characterized by lightness and dimensional stability.

The bases are in satin Champagne special lacquered finish while the wall units are in matt Beige Ardenne lacquer. The work area is customized with LED lighting under the wall units.

The surfaces create a contrast between the stainless steel used for the worktop and the backsplash and the brushed oak veneer for the overhanging table on the opposite side, the back panel of the bar area and the open wall units.

The area dedicated to conviviality is composed of D90 concept columns with push & pull opening, and K6 concept top-storages, both lacquered matt Beige Ardenne. The area features shelves placed above the overhanging table in the same natural brushed oak veneer.

The neutral shades of the sand-colored kitchen doors are in chromatic harmony with the marble floor and the natural materials of the terrace.

Design: Nicola Gallizia

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