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A kitchen space characterized by colours of silence and calm

The atmosphere is intimate, sophisticated, harmonious in this large and central St. Petersburg apartment with a breath-taking view designed by Heut Architects.

Neutral colours in warm tones of beige and gray dominate the entire living area with an open space kitchen.

Each side has its function

The kitchen is developed on three sides with an island featuring a convivial table.

Each side of the configuration is dedicated to a specific function. The cooking area with the hob and the sink features a Panda marble worktop, a white background with large gray veins, which harmonize with the full-height backsplash in the same material and with the T45 model bases.

The tall units in front of the cooking area house a large and discreet cellar area for the fine wines selected by the hosts. The doors are in darkened glass.

The perpendicular wall, on the other hand, is a continuum of tall units with the D90 model with handle and top-storages with push&pull opening with interrupted by the insertion of ovens and refrigerators.

All the finishes of the structure and doors are customized. The structure is in Grigio alpaca with aluminum edge, while the doors are finished in Fenix FX717 Castoro Ottawa Laminate.

Partner: Forma for Life

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